Anito Cimarron

When I step into the shallow
bathtub with water drizzling above,

I imagine

what it might have felt like
to celebrate

the rain,
and each other,
all the gifts from our gods,

along the Gibalon River,

before the first mass in Luzon

—the beginning of the destruction
of our soul, spirit polluted

from multiple layers
and generations
of violence
and indoctrination

Anito Cimarron (he/they) is a poet and writer of the Filipino diaspora currently residing on Paskestikweya land (Baltimore, MD). Their work aims to invoke critical inquiry, empathy, and healing in a world riddled with misunderstanding, violence, and trauma. Additionally, their work examines life, both observed and experienced, through a queer, introverted, and post-colonial lens. Anito can be found on Twitter: @__anito